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World's Largest Pac-Man Game Keeps Growing

posted Apr 23, 2011, 10:41 PM by Nathan Eliason   [ updated Apr 23, 2011, 10:57 PM ]
    So, when most people think "Pac-Man", they think of a string of levels increasing in difficulty, that old red joystick, and a big arcade machine, or the cool Google Pac-Man playable logo. Now, innovator Ashley Ringrose and his colleagues are creating an amazing game beyond anyone's wildest dreams. This new, free game playable in almost any web browser can be located here. But what is it, exactly? 
    First of all, it's user created, and clean. It's simple, elegant, and quite literally, endless hours of fun. The basic concept is that you use the built in Navigator to find cool-looking levels, try to bring your country's score up (of combined points and ghosts eaten, etc), and create your own levels in a user-friendly and intuitive level creator allowing you to log in with your Facebook Account. As of this writing, here are some stats.
    That's right, 434+ million Pac-Dots Eaten to date (of 4/23/2011)! And continually more as levels and players pour in from across the globe. This was created to show off the new HTML 5 programming language for Internet Explorer 9, and was released only a few weeks ago for public play. The wave of players (and nearly 20,000 levels) has been phenomenal, and is growing at an increasing pace. So head on over to and play until your fingers fall off! Okay, maybe not that far, but you can certainly get your fill of Pac-Man (and then some) from this free game.
    Normally, when you have mainstream user-created content, you end up with a lot of... well, crap. But so far, that does not seem to be the case. Though there is that occasional immature level or blank stage, they usually don't last very long and are quickly overlapped with new and better levels. The Navigator does a good job of keeping fresh levels constantly streaming in. Great job, Mr. Ringrose!