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No, your 4.3.3 iDevice isn't broken. Apple is.

posted May 13, 2011, 8:36 PM by Nathan Eliason   [ updated May 14, 2011, 12:28 PM ]
For any Apple fans who have bought an iPod or iPad recently, you may be thinking your device is broken. Really, don't schedule an appointment with the Apple Store. It's not your device.

    The Apple Activation Servers, basically Apple's computers that help activate your device, have been a little off lately. Since they performed work on iTunes, the server will immediately tell anyone who restores or plugs in their device for the first time with iOS 4.3.3. Many users who are updating their devices to iOS 4.3.3 are also affected. Above, you can see an image of what you get if you try to activate your device now, a necessary step to get it working. Because of this, many people who have recently bought new iPods or iPads now cannot play with their gadgets until the problem is fixed. As of now, Apple hasn't even released a response yet, and if you call technical support about this issue, they will tell you to bring your device in. 
    Again, your iThing is not damaged. No one knows how long it will take Apple to fix the issue, but more Google Search results for "There is a problem with your device" are popping up by the minute. Not only does this leave many new users with useless "Connect to iTunes" screens, but for anyone who has already restored, there is no going back (unless you've saved your SHSH blobs). Please do not restore or update your device until you know the problem is fixed.

Update: This issue has been fixed. Everything is back to normal. Try plugging in your iPod again if you are still having issues.