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iPad Two Ships Within 24 Hours, Skype Released for iPad

posted Aug 2, 2011, 8:25 PM by Nathan Eliason
In March of this year, getting the latest tablet from Apple would include a wait of up to four to five months before the product even shipped! Companies often have a problem with supply/demand with new products, and unexpected jumps in demand (like at the launch of the iPad 2) throw them for a loop. Finally, Apple has created a delicate balance between supply and demand, and equilibrium some companies never achieve. On their website, it shows now that a new iPad will begin its journey into your hands less than 24 hours from the time of purchase, a first. Even so, their sales show that 4.69 million more iPads were sold this quarter than last, a whopping 9.25 million. Of course, now we wait for the third generation device, rumored to have an even lighter weight, higher resolution, more power, and a possible increase in battery life. 

Also, the long-awaited Skype app for iPad has finally arrived. On August 1, their App appeared in the store, taking advantage of the built-in camera on the second-generation iPad as well as larger screen. However, within hours, it disappeared, after reports of glitches and constant dropped calls. The next day, it was released again, and it seems for good. Now, you can even video chat with your Skype contacts over 3G, unlike Apple's own FaceTime, which only works over Wi-Fi.