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    Offer runs until September 1st, 2011, and begins July 13th, 2011. The prize given to one winner is a coupon code valid for $100 in free Google AdWords advertising when applied with the registration of a new Google AdWords account. This coupon code is not valid for existing accounts, and a Google Account is needed, as well as other information at the time of registering for the Google AdWords account. Google or Google's AdWords program is not endorsing us or affiliated with us in any way, and this competition is strictly affiliated with
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    One winner will be chosen at random. The method for selection is as follows: a random time will be computer generated, and the user to submit a form with a valid email address and the optional sweepstakes box checked that is the closest to that time without going past it wins. An email will be sent to the email given at registration with the confirmation code. 
    Google AdWords is a feature of the Google Search Engine that allows for users to publish their websites, blogs, and other content, and pay per search or click to appear in the first results of the search engine. This coupon code expires September 15th, 2011, so quick activation is required. Good luck!