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Microsoft Moving on from Windows? "Midori"

Midori OS: Microsoft Sees End Of Windows Era 

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Windows is like the trademark of Microsoft Corporation since November 20, 1985. The success of the first Windows operating system was followed by the later versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Windows is the most commonly used operating system in the world, and the backbone of Microsoft Corporation. About 80 percent of Windows sales are made when a new PC is solved around in the world. The rumors among the techies about the introduction of a new OS from Microsoft after Windows 7 are gaining popularity, and are proved true. Yes, a new high-tech 'managed code operating system'code named 'Midori' is being developed by the Microsoft Corporation.

Rather than being tied to a hard disc, the new OS will be run natively or hosted across multiple platforms to take advantage of the perceived mobility of future computer users. This would make it easier to manage physical hardware devices and possibly give Microsoft an edge as more and more applications migrate to the Web in future.

One of Microsoft's goals is to provide options for Midori applications to co-exist with and interoperate with existing Windows applications, as well as to provide a migration path. One way would involve having Midori run under Windows as a subsystem, with the OS acting as a device driver. Another approach involves running Windows alongside Midori, and the last alternative would be a standalone Midori implementation that could run traditional Windows applications.

Microsoft issued a statement to the BBC in return to their question about MIDORI that, "Midori is one of many incubation projects underway at Microsoft. It's simply a matter of being too early in the incubation to talk about it."

MIDORI is Microsoft's offshoot to its competitors who looking forward to 'Virtualization" as means to solve issues of modern day computing. The main idea behind MIDORI is to develop a light weighted OP system which can be fused with lots of advanced applications.As we cannot say the time when MIDORI will be officially announced by Microsoft, but this will surely make an impact similar or more radiant than that when Windows was launched in 1985.

Virtualization is becoming more and more popular and Microsoft will have to do something to keep up and stay on top (every PC purchased may not be pre-installed with Windows some day).

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