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Keeping your Windows 7 Computer Fast

Simplest Ways To Speed Up Windows 7   

Albert Miller

Microsoft's Windows 7 is one of the most brilliant and sophisticated operating systems ever made. As with any other operating system, Windows 7 has several pros and cons. If you have installed it on an older computer that does not meet the recommended requirements set by the Operating System, it may always run slowly. So in order to make your older computer run faster with Win 7, You should try the following tips:

1. Disable Aero. If you don't have a high quality dedicated video card then disable Windows 7 Aero. To do this:

* Right click on the desktop and select "Personalize" and click "Window Color"
* Uncheck the 'Enable Transparency' option box
* Click on 'Open classic appearance properties for more color options'
* Choose a Standard theme from the popup.

2. Disable Unwanted Programs. There might be several of unwanted programs working in the background that you might not want so it's a good practice to disable all these programs as this might free lot of resources on your computer and will make your Computer run faster, so try this to block unwanted programs:

* Go to Start and enter 'msconfig'
* Click on the startup tab and uncheck the programs that you don't need

3.Turn Off All System Sounds. This is a very basic step for making PC run faster and this free up resources. To system sounds try this:

* Go To Start menu and type mmsys.cpl
* Click on Sounds tab and then click 'No Sounds' in the sound drop down menu

4.Disable Windows 7 Gadgets A.K.A Sidebar

Disabling windows 7 sidebar gadgets will definitely help you to free up system resources and will make your computer load faster at start-up.To disable Gadgets try this:

* Right click on the sidebar and then click on " Properties".
* On the properties windows un-check the check box displaying "Start sidebar when Windows Starts "
* Now windows sidebar gadgets won't automatically start when windows 7 loads.

5. Select Maximum Performance as Your Power Plan.

Windows 7 does not automatically sets up High Performance by default, so you have to manually select this option in order to make your computer run faster. To do this try:

* Open the "Power Options" in Control panel.
* Click on "Show Additional Plans" and You Will see "High Performance" plan
* Click and Activate the "High Performance" power plan.

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